Monday, June 18, 2007

Off to the Twin Cities

Well, the team has been busy and is busy once again this week. First off, the Abercrombie crew, in support of Mr. Hekman, succeeded in taking back the #1 title in the U.S Crit series while in Austin, TX. Plus, that put Hekman in the "Laps Led" lead. Very impressive.
Monday begins the Tour of Ohio where a good chunk of our riders will be this next week. As for me? I am heading off to the Nature Valley Grand Prix with teammate, Frankie Dierking.
Thus begins the packing for the stage race. Bikes, wheels, helmets, tires, tubes, gels, tools, and extra everything. That is tonight's mission.
It is nice to see some Minnesota teams participating in the first ever "Pro 1" NVGP. GP and Flanders are in there but we are missing Grandstay. I think they dropped the ball on entering on time but there is always room to sneak a team in there. They should have been included. It is their hometown race and they are worthy enough to be there anyhow. Doug got in and will be racing with his ex-love, Nature Valley. With his recent Blackdog TT time he is a sure contender for the St. Paul TT win. I am not good at the shorter distance time trials but Doug is. He really is. So, here is to hoping in seeing a fellow Minnesotan on the top podium step of a stage of the NVGP. I'll shoot for other stages but Doug should get that TT.
Well, got to get packing. Go to and check out the AT&T Crit results. Some sweet photos of some sweet riders wearing camo. Ciao -Ian

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