Saturday, June 30, 2007

Oh ya, I saw them

Yep, Maynard James Keenan of Tool ripped it up along with the rest of the band. Danny Carey was the God amongst drums once again. The opening act sucked though. Tool started off with "Jambi" and then went into rarely played instrumental openings and songs. For the person getting to see Tool for the first time it was probably O.k. I loved it. I have seen them play better, but when have they ever played bad?
My team has this bad habit of sending incriminating photos around of eachother. Now, while some will never get posted here for censorship reasons, this picture of Bennett cracked me up. Check out the shorts. Thankfully, Abercrombie DOES NOT sell anything like that. Plus, the Jeep. Who doesn't end up looking under the hood of a Jeep. Yep, Bennett is all style.....and he can rip your legs off too. Hopefully Roscoe Pee-co-train and Boss Hog don't pull up and hassle him.

Today I stayed in the area and did the Brice Prairie 42 K Time Trial. The Hed Time Trial machine did it again and took another win for the year. One man, two man, four man, I won it all solo. Overall male and female winners got a Brice Prairie Time Trial jersey signed by Greg LeMond. It reads, " Great job in the time trial! Greg LeMond- Tour de France 1986, 1989, 1990." Pretty cool and nice on the wall. It has been awhile since I have seen 190+ people show up for a time trial.

A great photo of Tim Johnson "stealing" my KOM 5 pointer and leaving me to pick up the three points at the NVGP. How about this, A great photo of Tim Johnson putting Ian in the hurtbox on the steep ass climb in the Mankato circuit. Look at the fans behind us. Ya, they are watching the Toyota-United train. I am just trying not to get run down by them.
well, I am suppose to be sitting around a campfire at the Wisconsin Off-Road Series mountain bike race right now in Eau Claire, WI. However, I needed a nap and had some life to attend to today. Instead, I will head up early in the morning, try to poach the course for a quick review, and then race. Still, the whole "gett'in together" thing about mountain bike races is pretty cool and something I should try to do more. Hot, fast, and tech is the name of the game tomorrow. Ciao -Ian


Anonymous said...

I dont know a thing about TOOL.

-muyres blog

MJK said...

I know quiet a bit about TOOL...i think i did okie, and yes that band was bad...thanks for the support, good man!

e-mail me if you would like to chat

MJK said...

By the way....

i love the picture you have of me..

being in your own world is nice