Friday, June 08, 2007

Where is a camera when you need one?

Today I saw the World's smallest dog. My neighbor has made the wise decision in buying this "hamster" mutt for sure. Just imagine the small clean-up requirements of this miniature pooch? My cat eyed this thing up too looking to reap some payback on all the wrongdoings of dogs in the past.
Next, I saw a bike come in to the local shop with the rear spokes torn out and a t-shirt tightly wound around the cassette. It doesn't require any questions.....or answers.
Next up was the Orba Orca that was the unfortunate victim of a crash with a road barrier. Carbon may be strong but not that strong.
I held a $200 bottle cage today. Hmmmm, $200. Really? why?
So the 24 Hours of 9-Mile is coming at the end of July. I was hoping on defending our title last year, but I am really hoping to get on a team to take the overall 4-man title. With that said, I NEED A TEAM! Got one? Want to build one? Lets talk. Plus, I have to wear the jersey at least once this year.
I have the weekend off from racing so I am hitting it hard for one last weekend of build-up before the trickle down rest period before the Nature Valley Grand Prix. The Abercrombie & Fitch Pro Devo Cycling Team is only fielding two riders since the rest of the team will be either at the Tour of Ohio or out on the East Coast. Frankie Dierking and myself have the NVGP to ourselves. Good fun.
I am glad the NVGP is later this year because now is the time my allergies kickdown. I got them on the ride today and they are power zappers. I am usually better by the third week in June so I am sticking with that plan.
I got the first ride out on the new mountain bike yesterday. Again, thanks to Titus, Shimano, American Classic, and Brad and PK at Adventure Cycle and Ski in Winona, MN. It was a great ride up on Holzinger minus the downed trees. The bike rides incredible and the new Shimano XTR rapid fire is so silky smooth. Game on!
That's it. No photos so my visual experiences of the day could only be put into brief words. I hope all is well for you. Either you are resting, healing, flying, traveling, eating or sleeping. The life of racing bicycles. Not much more to do or say. Ciao -Ian


Anonymous said...

Plattes Valley?


Mike said...

Peariso and I are looking for the overall 4-man win this year...we may get LaLonde Sr. also but it's not confirmed. Whattya think?

Ian Stanford said...

Bring it on. Let me know when you know more. "Overall" is the key!

Mike said...

Yeah no "old guy" wussout for your two this year! I can say that now that I'm 30...

Kacee said...

You've inspired my first blog EVER, Ian. I did, in fact, GOOGLE you, and found that there's no way to contact you directly, hence, the blog.

I'm curious, how does one get through "Atlas Shrugged" to list it as a fave? Being the ADD blonde that I am, it just could not hold my attention.......

Since I have no clue what I'm doing, much less how to get in contact with you, email me at

Ian Stanford said...

well, who is John Galt? I am sure that if you Googled me you found at that I am actually a doctor in the United Kingdom. Man, what are the chances? O.k, here is the secret to reading Atlas Shrugged since I have heard many complaints about its boredom. Get through page 102ish and you are home free. You have to get through all the character presentations and then the story begins. Ayn Rand was a crazy woman so you have to bear with her at times. Ciao -Ian