Thursday, July 05, 2007

A lot of racing in the works

Well, I guess it is July because there are too many races to try to get to. Local and National crits, mountain bike races, time trials, Elite Nationals, and Superweek should keep everyone busy.
Yesterday was the Northfield Crit. I finished third. My bike didn't shift to where I wanted it in the sprint but who knows if that would have made a difference anyway. Marcotte, Timmer, Mean Dawg, Micah, Dewey, Beenken, myself, and a few others were able to find a "happy" break and lapped the field. In the end it was Marcotte, Timmer, and myself. 1-2-3.
Today I am blown
I broke my TT frame last week and now I am freaking out trying to get it solved before we leave this next Monday for Nationals. Hed has been helping me but the Holiday messed up a fluid timeline to get things done. I was hoping to go to Iowa for the BBQ and Blues road race but I may have to go to Hopkins in order to get my TT frame. I guess that decision will be made when I hear from the crazy crew at Hed.
The 3rd Annual Iron Hill Twilight Criterium Classic in west Chester, PA is happening this Saturday. The pressure is on the A&F boys to pull it out. Hekman is still leading the U.S Crit Tour and they will need a good finish to solidify that placing. They all look good so I am confident that they will rock it. Tomorrow is a day off (besides work) so it is time to pack and get some new tires on the van. Good luck to Dino on his Prairie Dog hunting trip in Wyoming. Please don't bring back the plague. Be safe out there! Ciao -Ian

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Mean Dawg said...

Good work Ian. Sorry I was dead weight a little in the break. Good luck in PA yo