Sunday, July 22, 2007

A new ad

Us lucky guys at the Abercrombie team get another ad. This time from our killer clothing company, Canari. Well, it is time to pack and get my ass over to Superweek. I was going to leave today but then I remembered this frightful section of I-90 between Wisconsin Dells and Madison. After further review I decided that I will pass on the 2-hour traffic jam that is ALWAYS there on a Sunday in the summer. Instead, I will get on the road tomorrow between 5-6am to get over to Holy Hill. Plus, after this last four nights of getting slammed at work I just can't get into the car right now.
Vino! Great TT yesterday. Some bad climbing today. He is out of it now but he had it before his crash. You have to love racing eh? That is one stealth ass photo though.

And you knew it had to come. Contador is the new man on the climbs. Bruyneel was high-fiving his assistant director today in the car after Contador's win. Not because of the win but because they may just have found a new future in cycling. Levi played his cards right. He held steady. Levi is lousy on the attack so he didn't get caught up in that foolishness.
Big congrats to Midwest rider Mike Phillips on winnning the NORBA National Semi-Pro XC National Championships. The dude is fast. On that note, we just can't get a 24 hour team together for the National Championships next weekend. Big bummer. So, instead I will take a break after Superweek, skip Ore to Shore unless my teammate A2 goes, and hit the Tour of KC. Carpool anyone? After that it is Downer's.

I know, the question is; Does Ian mountain bike anymore? Great question. I have yet to do a Mtb race this year. There are simply too many races to get to. I have been riding though and feel good on it. Thomson is sending me a longer stem because the Titus runs a little tighter in the mid-section than my previous bike. I really need to get myself to a Mtb race. I think I am subconsciously protecting my notoriously bad lower back from any furter harm. I do remember last year going to Downer's and being barely able to walk. That is a great feeling for racing.

Back to packing and cleaning the joint up. See you on the eastern slope of Wisconsin if you are over there. Ciao -Ian

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