Monday, July 09, 2007

Timmer located

Well, all is well in getting my TT bike together for TT Nationals out in Pennsylvania. Thanks to all that got back to me with Timmer's elusive cell number. Dino had called me with it but his cell reception out on the plains of Wyoming hunting Prairie Dogs cut out the last four number. "Can you hear me know?" And the part about hunting Prairie Dogs.......there is no punch line. He was out killing varmit.
How did Hopkins go? Well, the first half was pretty hard but we let up on the second half. Heat never really became an issue since it dropped 20 degrees in about one minute. There was only one prime, which Dano took. Well hell, there were only two laps. Two 1K laps. The race got called because of the impending storm moving in. We all high-tailed it to a parking ramp while lightening, hail, and heavy rain took over the course. A bit of a bummer because legs were good.
Today was a quick trip to the Cities to get my TT frame, drive home (stopping at Caribou of course), building said frame, and getting out for a hour and half for the "test ride." A few tweaks here and there and it should be ready to win the Elite National TT.
Just watch, "The Pursuit of Happyness." Freaking movie made me tear up. I am a man dammit! No, it was pretty good. You are rooting for this guy the whole time and you can almost feel the tension he is taking on. The movie was hard to watch.
Ahh, a picture from Northfield of two dudes from Winona. I love that hill.
Now it is packing time and getting ready for Nationals to claim the jersey that is to be mine. Big head? Nope. Reality. Tomorrow everything gets dialed and packed to be unpacked and redialed. Time for some sleep. The Tour is wearing me out already. Ciao -Ian

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