Saturday, July 14, 2007

TT's and rain

Yesterday was the Elite National Time Trial Championships. The course was a pylon nightmare. You simply rolled off the block, went 1K on a closed Interstate, turned onto an off ramp, U-turned onto an on-ramp, and back for an out-and-back and another out-and-back between lanes of cones on the closed Interstate Hwy.
I felt healthy going into this considering how I felt just 24 hours before the event. I had an earlier start, and of course, it started raining. I took off out of the blocks in a steady rain and had to take the many turnarounds with some delicate love. The second time out I had the torrential downpour that shutdown my visibility. Being Friday the 13th, I was lucky enough to have rain but then I picked up some piece of white plastic in my cassette. The chain would skip and I was shutout of my 12t cog. While that was not a huge problem it was a distraction that caused my to miss my cadence and speed checks that I normally make. Other than that it was a good ride but it should have, by nature, been 30-45 seconds faster. Most of the field only had wet roads to contend with, not the rain. However, that is the literal Nature of a time trial. I am pretty sure I could not win against some of these guys at that short of a distance. I ended up I believe in 13th place. Fitting for that particular Friday. Teammate, Andy Applegate had an impressive 10th place.
A couple of days off before the Elite RR on Monday. Until then it is Tour watching, getting fat, and watching my fellow Midwesterners rip up their U-23 and Junior events. Ciao from the Keystone State. -Ian


Anonymous said...

Armstrong always predicted faster times when it rained and check this out.
but that changes when there are corners involved I'm sure.

Brandon said...

nice work Ian.