Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Winning move? not me!

Yesterday was the Cedarburg crit at superweek. Large field, open course, big crowds, and speedy. Numerous breaks tried to get off but none were sticking. A preme was called and taken by some rider. I attacked after the preme and had three guys come with me. Fortunately or unfortunately I had the current Olympic Gold Medalist in the Pursuit from Athens, A strong Nature's Path rider, and Sebastian Haedo from Rock Racing. Maybe I bit too strong at this point in the year for me. We ended up opening up a gap to 90 seconds and could see the tail of the pack a corner ahead of us. I flatted coming out of corner three but was able to ride it to the pit at speed, got back in, and resumed. I starting feeling a little hurt when the Nature's Path rider would take his pull. I was on his wheel but he was pulling through far too hard. The veteran would have started to sit in or miss some a couple pulls for some recovery, but I didn't. Haedo ended up winning and he played it smart. He skip pulls and rode wisely when he did take a pull. Him and I were riding good tempo, and the Aussie Dawson took strong but controlled pulls, but my wheel was pulling too hard and essentially put me on the rivet. I dropped out with 10 laps to go. Yep, dropped out.
So, now I deal with the mental smashing of dropping out of a "for sure" winning move. Yes, my team got to sit on the pack and rest for the pack finish, yes, Abercrombie got some time in the break, but I didn't finish the job.
I know I am in a "valley" point of cycling right now as I am in need of some rest. But, when the cards are dealt you need to play them sometimes. Especially with the pot being big. I felt embarrased afterwards and I am apologetic to my team. I couldn't even watch the finish of the race. In the end, I just didn't have it in me yesterday to be on the break that long. It would have ended up being a 58 mile break on a 66 mile race. Not at this point in time for me. Tonight we will ride the radios. I really could have probably stayed in the break with someone yelling in my ear. Sometimes that it all it takes.
The Tour. Vino? way to go man. Really cool. Now, disappear and stay away for good. Moreni? Go apply at a gas station or your local McDonalds in Italy and go away. Disappear. NOt only did you cheat, you lied by signing the UCI waiver. You both suck!
Lets hope the beauty and history of the Tour can remain intact. We are going to feel the effect of the actions of a few morons to our sport this time. At a time where sponsorships are already fragile we need to support and urge on the ones we have.
News at Superweek. Well, some riders can't shut their mouths. Ask Bahati about his great experience with a local Milwaukee rider.
Ciao -Ian

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Eric O. said...

The "Chicken" is now fried and extra crispy.

he might as well leave his own country and live in Mexico with his wife.
Maybe Lemond had it right when he said the sport has to bleed to death before it can rebuild. Well its bleeding pretty good now