Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fall yet?

This humidity is making think I live in Georgia again. The air actually stinks. Georgia stink. No offense Geogians, your air is a bit rotten-like.
The rest week has been nice. I went up and did a local mountain bike time trial on the old Minnesota Series Cherry Hill course. It was fast and I am trying to get under 20 minutes on it. With the storm a couple of days ago there were trees down and a couple slippery spots so my quest could not be completed. That is the extent of my intensity for the week. However, the mountain bike is riding very good.
Speaking of mountain bikes. I am going to Madison Friday to check out the new Trek line-up at the annual Trek Show. It is a good time to catch up with some old friends as well. From there it is off the Downer's Grove with Frankie. Rain in the forecast for the crits? That is the word. Sweet. I love the rain in crits.
After that? Looks like a WORS MTB Marathon in Rhinelander, and then maybe.......just maybe, The Gateway Cup. Depends heavily on the work schedule.
Teammate Brandon Gavic is back on the bike and looking for Thater. But, it is too soon for him to race Downer's. He is coming to spectate but he has to promise to behave. Ha ha. Ciao -Ian

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