Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Gett'in a little shaggy

Since I was feeling like I was taking on a hippie persona with some hippie feeling longer hair I decided to visit my favorite Russian hairstylist, Katrina to get de-hippified. I feel much better. And know, it was not a "pumpkin pie haircut freak" style job. speaking of Dumb and Dumber. If you haven't seen the updated DVD with alternate endings and deleted scenes.....well, you are missing out on some more laughing. I am selling some stuff. New stuff too. If you are craving some MTB wheels I have a set of brand new American Classic 26 inch wheels. Clincher but will accept Stan's system. This set is alloy spokes with standard Hayes bolt disc mounts. Skewers included. $425 shipped! Retail on this babies is $600!
Or how about an 07 XTR M975 rear disc brake system. Pre-bled with IS caliper, metal/resin pads, 160 center lock rotor. $210 shipped.
Freak'in gross.
Well, they are still searching the massive debris pile of the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis for missing people. The Navy has sent a UDT squad in to assist in the dives. There are a lot of stories going around about what happened and about those who stepped up to not just hero's but to show their own human nature. One such story about local cyclist Dan Schuller struck me.
Could you do the same? Ciao -Ian

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