Monday, August 20, 2007

Nats, Floods, and what WAS said.

Rainy days in Downer's this year. Hekman is pictured in this blur in the Pro/Am behind the Jelly Belly Green Beans. The Elite race was our true battle and the plan was laid out in detail with or without the rain. When it was all said and done everyone had done their job but lady luck (and bad weather) won the day. The new guys, Jaime and Remi, rode super strong. Hekman, while putting it on-the-line leading out our sprinter Marco, lost it on the infamous second-to-last turn and stacked into the barrier.
Marco stayed up only to get caught up in a crash on the last turn. He ripped up his hand pretty good but still managed 6th place. In the end I think everyone crashed once (I mean absolutely everyone in the race), but our team came out of it healthy.
The rain was not so nice back in my hometown of Winona, Minnesota. We have deaths and people lost. We are currently under a State-of-Emergency, roads are closed everywhere, cities evacuated, National Guard is in the house, and things are just plain messed up. Try to find a bottle of water around here right now. Cha, right. We have water in all the wrong places. RR closed.

I bike on this climb every week. I guess I will need the mountain bike next time.
The picture below is a funny one of sorts. That is my cousin's Mustang. How did it get there? She drove it to Stockton, MN to get it worked on while she was in Detroit. This is how she found it upon return. The auto repair place got washed out taking her Mustang for a small white-water rafting trip. Screw the repairs now eh? Look at the mud on the bridge surface. That was some high water.
I have to bring up a topic that had been definitely misunderstood in a previous blog of mine. Some of you feel that I was taking a stab at GP for what went down in Elkgrove a couple weeks back. Here is the scoop. I have the upmost respect for GP and for the talented pool of riders they possess. P. Ellis, Patty Cakes, Dale, Pete, Greg, Jens, Marcotte, and the rest of them are great guys. Many of them have been at this for a seriously longtime and deserve the upmost respect. My comments about their leadout train being fruitless was to the point in as far as a lost win. However, I was not focusing on the end result. I was pointing out their ability to get most of their men to the front in the end of a national caliber event. For an Elite team to do so is very impressive. The end result was the end result. Even Boonen's men don't get it right sometimes. So that is it, it was not meant to be an attack, it was meant to be a compliment. Enough said. I have enough other things to attack in cycling other than a local hometown team that rules the scene here. I have always wanted to see Midwestern cycling programs grow so GP is one of the last programs I would attack. Hell, I races Altoona for them years back. Sorry guys ( at Grand Performance) if you took offense.

I hit up the Trek show before heading to Downer's Grove. I drooled on the new Madone's, tried to steal a Gary Fisher Superfly 29'er, and attempted to take a new Fuel SSL home by using the old, "John Burke said it was O.k." Well, it was all futile in the end after being chop-blocked at the door, but it was a pretty cool opportunity to get to tour "The Booth" with next year's product line. I got the full-blown tour of the new SRAM Red Gruppo from Ed at SRAM. Holy nice stuff! Just you wait. Thanks Maury at Trek and the guys at my local shop Adventure Cycle for the hospitality.
If you or anyone you know loves to tromp in mud and can fill sandbags come on in to Winona, Minnesota for some work. FEMA is here so it must be organized. Our local Mtb trail system took a hit in some critical sections. Shovel brigade begins Wednesday. Time to rack up my annual IMBA hours.

This weekend? A mountain bike race? No way........Way! I am going to the WORS Marathon. No more rain please. Peath out! Ciao -Ian


Anonymous said...

Ahh.... the good old fee ride... uh i mean 10-lap GP lead out. They have the horses, they just need some rolexs to tell them the time in the race.

(dis)pencer said...

hey ian,

have you seen
this one?

looks like a hell of a race.

Ian Stanford said...

Yep, for some it was a bit slippery. Corner 8 is as much of a bear as corner 7. Personally, I absolutely love racing in the rain. I, errrr, wisely put new tires on right before the race. The first three laps were a little slippy but the tires wore in nice. I had been waiting all season to get on the new Kenda Konstrictor tires. They are very nice in the rain. Sticky!