Thursday, August 02, 2007

Not a good day in Minnesota

Yesterday afternoon an entire Interstate bridge on I-35 just north of downtown Minneapolis crashed into the Missisippi unexpectedly. I am sure you probably have already heard about this but this strikes close to home. So far, as much as I know, everyone I know in the Cities is o.k. My prayers go out to those who were not so fortunate.
What caused it? Well, I am no structural engineer so your guess is as good as mine. Watch the videos at Besides the actual video of it falling down they have some speculation about a picture that shows some serious amounts of rust on the structure. I bring this up because I live next to a bridge that crosses the Mississippi and I am in Minnesota. Anyone who lives here can tell you that they are scared crazy of our bridge. It is a pile of rust that somehow maintains enough integrity to span the River. I guess it may be time for us to re-invest into the infrastructure of our own Country again instead of someone elses. I will leave it at that.
Superweek ended last week and I am more tired now then when I went into it. That would make sense of course but now I need some rest. I am going out for 4-hours easy today before work, but EEAAASSSYYY. The Heritage Square race made up my last race and I again snuck into the top 25 with a .......25th. And it rained. The clouds hung out through the beginning and left a threatening gloom over the field. Finally a drop, and another, and another. Put those drops together and you have one of the hardest rains I have seen in a race. Tour of KC two years ago still wins but this was close. I couldn't see crap but I left my glasses on because there was so much grit and crap on the road. I was covered in grease, oil, whoknowswhat, and dirt afterwards. Avoiding a late race crash by doing some sidewalk surfing I stayed in the field for the finish. It was fast and they kept throwing out primes throughout the rain. I just couldn't move up and didn't feel safe about it being that I was blind as a bat. We lost nearly the entire starting field. 35 finishers out of 140? Something like that. Oh, and USADA showed up for some randoms and winners testing. Awesome. I wish you guys would show up more often. The randoms didn't look too random either. After that it was Mexican with the team and some locals. Thanks to Elicia, her family, and the pug for the hospitality. I wished I could have done Downers Ave. but a man has got to work too. Congrats to Bahati on the $$$$. I would poop my pants if I won that much in a prime sprint.
Next up? Probably no Firehouse TT. As much as I would love to go after Timmer's screaming record time up there I need some rest and a good training block. Plus, that time is indeed screaming. Next weekend it will be either Tour of KC or Ore to Shore. Not sure. Depends on the Grandstay crew going to KC. Guys? Then, it is Downer's Grove. A&F will be rock'in it. Ciao -Ian


Anonymous said...

So in other words, you're saying the bridge crashing is Bush's fault??!!

Ian Stanford said...

Did I say that? I said our priorities lie elsewhere as they actually, in reality, do. Thanks for trying to put words into my mouth though. If I thought it was Bush's fault I would have said that.