Saturday, September 15, 2007

1 X 1 Won! A Chequamegon update

Well, it has happened. A single speed has won Chequamegon. Of course, it was Jesse Lalonde which helps explain it. Tilly and B-Matter were also on the podium (order unsure).
As for me? I rode like poo. My quads were tight as hell yesterday and they remained so today. Power felt good, bike worked great (besides burping 10 lbs out after OO, but still rideable), and my mind was into it. But, I couldn't get my legs to loosen up and the inevitably was my downfall. My "high card" in my hand was no greater than the Ten of Spades. No Aces today. "Not everthing was clicking." T-brown, Marko Lalonde, TJ Woodruff, Jeff Hall, Cole House, Bill Stolte, Chris Peariso, Mike Phillips, and myself made up the rest of the break. I finished 8th I think. Everything was within 30 seconds or so for the top ten.
Anyway, fast course, great riders, good times. Even though I have missed to podium again I have no regrets. I raced how I could but it was noticeably not up to par. Thanks to all the guys above for pulling my ass along today. These guys are a part of a special Chequamegon club that has formed over the years. It is the opportunity of getting to race with these guys that makes me come back every year......even when I don't want to. Big Thanks! Ciao -Ian

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Craig M said...

Ian, nice job at Cheq. Responding to your last comment, I'm up in Eau Claire still. We're planning to do a gravel road ride this fall, may have to include county P. Later.