Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Car to Cable

Well, it is laundry time, clean-up the bike time, and pack up the Kitchen Sink time in order to head up to Cable for the 25th Anniversary Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival. If you are not ready by now you won't be. And man, it is going to be cold....I lost my good long sleeve jersey.
Anyway, all systems go for bike and body. I was fortunate enough to get some tainted coffee that still had the urn cleaner in it from a local coffee shop. Ymmmmm, Starbrite Coffee System Cleaner is good stuff. Well, it has left me with a splitting headache, a head cold, and a nasty call to said coffee/store corporation. This makes twice in a year that this has happened. So, if you brew coffee be sure to check that you are not brewing on top of something else. Hopefully, it flushes out of me by race time but otherwise I feel o.k.
After the awards ceremony Trek cordially invities you to bro down at the fire pit at Telemark Lodge.

Off to Cable in the morning. It should be fun with all the fast dudes coming and those who are simply flying. Ross Schnell from Trek will be on hand. He is also a professional comic and consumer of the "famed" Salmon Jerkey.
Gee, George didn't possibly win the Tour of Missouri already? Ciao -Ian

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