Monday, September 17, 2007

The Days After the Cheq

My legs still don't feel right. Cold weather? Who knows.
The trip up Firetower with the lead group. I was in the back guarding in case of a sneak attack. Tail gunner? Hell, I should have been in the ball turret during a crash landing. (

The man in orange destroyed us in the end......on one gear.......fully rigid......180cm cranks......36-16 on a 29'er.....Let me rephrase......The MAN in orange destroyed us in the end. (

It was unusually cold in the Cable/Hayward area this year. Race day was nice but the day before was unpleasant for my shortage of body fat. Well, no worries. I polished off a whole Ben and Jerry's cup tonight.

Part of the fun of Chequamegon is the "before" and "after" time spent with family and fellow racers. It is just something you don't see at many races anymore. Now, if you know Doug Swanson's brother........lets call him ahhhh "Dan" then you have met a comedic professional. This guy could tell you the story of Star Wars and make you laugh the whole entire time. Behind the awards ceremony we all chilled out, drank some beer, got loud again, and listened to Doug's brother tell us about his first Yoga class, why he is quiting mountain biking, and a display of his incredible Russian dance skills. The next day it was "Mr. Baggy Pants Skinsuit" impression. Funny stuff.

In the end it was a fun Chequamegon. I didn't at all achieve what I was looking for in the race but the toolbox was short a few tools this year. I was sure that I had put them in there though. That is racing. Ups, downs, sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you don't. Props to Jesse for not only killing on the SS but for being the strongest dude in the pack this year as well. He had it together. A lot of the other guys were on it as well, and some probably felt like me. I knew at "OO" that I was in trouble. Doug saw it. I think he said my face was falling off or something to that effect. I don't remember. I was thinking of happy places.
As for me, there is always next year. Ciao -Ian


Anonymous said...

Your sun visor hat looks a bit off center...


Ian Stanford said...

Ya, I noticed that too. Why didn't someone tell me. Well, that tells you how organized I was the day of the race. That is my one big complaint about cycling caps........centered visors.