Monday, September 24, 2007

A long way to Graceland (Vegas Style)

Well, I would love to say that I am going to Interbike but it just is not possible this year. I hope the A&F guys tear up the World Crit. Championships. I was hoping to get out there to check out the races and the show but things can get so up-in-the-air sometimes. Information is power.
So, for you that will be there watch out for these crazy dudes. If you should run into the actual Elvis tell him he should get out on tour again.

And after a few drinks be sure to watch yourself around the Casino boss, Sam Rothstein. There are a lot of holes out in that desert. Don't be filling them.

Saturday was the Wisport World Championship Road Race and Time Trial. Of course, I entered the TT. I was feeling pretty good and Mark Brone had set up a sweet course. A 2-mile climb in Wisconsin? Yes, they do exist. Typical me, I was screwing around with my computer on the start block and locked it into "set" mode. The first 2-miles consisted of me trying to mentally race and to physically get this computer operational. If you have not figured it out yet I race based on speed. My computer is motivator. But, an excuse never won anyone a race so I settled for second place. 12 seconds off the pace of the Midwest powerman, Adam Bergman. Lance Niles was third with Timmer and Dale finishing it out. You know, there are a lot of Time Trial studs in the midwest. Anyway, very nice course. Just long enough to let coffee carry you the distance.
Speaking of coffee, my damn coffe maker died again. I cleaned it and it worked for a day or two, and then died again. I have to slam it on the counter to get to brew the final two cups. Today the thing got all super hot and the digital display turned black. I better check out my renter's insurance policy. Of course, I lost the purchase receipt for it so I am contacting the manufacturer.
Yesterday was a quick trip around Holzinger on the mtb. Coming down the downhill at 30 mph I almost Hippie Drilled a group of actual Hippies. Last time I saw a group of them move so fast I think the DEA was involved. Anyway, we just came upon them at the most inopportune time on the downhill. I was in a two-wheel brake lockout with some fishtail action to boot. In the end I rode away to ride again someday, and they walked away wondering if the acid was too strong or "did that actually just happen?" Man, far out and groovy. I was feeling great and have been for a few days now. Figures I have form after Chequamegon but not at it. I would love to hit up some cross races or the Blockhouse this weekend but we have two homecomings here this weekend and I have to work. Next couple weeks will be dedicated to trying to better myself at this 'cross thing so I can get you all to laugh at someone else. I suppose I will start racing again in the beginning of October. Well, I got to go. Elvis has left the go get a drink.....of water dammit.
Prediction: Urban camo on the podium Thursday night at Mandalay Bay. Top step as well. Ciao -Ian

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