Saturday, September 08, 2007

Oh, those funny guys at Comedy Central. Of course, if you look at our current selections and choices maybe it makes good sense. Maybe there is some truthiness to the idea. Plus, Johnny is off the meth. Makes good sense then.

Didn't make it to the Henderson TT. First off, I thought it was by St. Cloud which meant I could hide out in the Twin Cities the night before. It was MapQuest that revealed to me that it was near Mankato, 153.57 miles away, and should take me a total est. time of 2 hours, 49 minutes to drive. That is a long way to drive for 15 miles of TT effort. Plus, I have to drive back. Being that registration was starting at 7:30 am I would have to be up even before a McDonalds Employee for their morning shift. I would have loved to gone but realism took hold.
So, I did my own little mock TT, bought a new TT helmet, and then cruised the lake path because that is what you do as a male cyclist in a college town.
Anyway, I have to drive to the Cities Tuesday morning so I figure I will save the travel miles for that journey.
Some old buddies just finished the Dakota 50 ride and wrote a good story at
Now, if I could just get that hyperlink to work for you on Blogger.
My knee is still bugging me so I know for sure that I need to take some time off after Chequamegon. Unfortunately, I will have to push through it until then. "Kiddies, that is not advisable action to take at your young cycling age." But hey, listen to the adults because they know what they are doing. Ciao -Ian

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