Sunday, September 02, 2007

A weekend off and the return of Thor

Thor has made his grand return again to the pro field in the US. Congrats on the 4th at the USPRO TT Nats! Seconds from the podium. 15 seconds from the top of it! A beast for sure.

The weekend was, and is, dedicated to a solid training block which goes into a rest week sometime in the middle of this week. Long hours, intervals, and naps are the name of the game. Some of the best riding I can find is right over in Wisconsin. Less traffic and paved roads all over the place.

Some roads are nuttier than others. Take Alligator Slide for example. Even though the photo is out of wack, it is a wonderful climb. If you are coming down it though beware of the local versions of Jeff Gordon or Dale Jr. taking the inside line away.

The weather has been great and I am really enjoying the rides this time of year. This time last year I was hanging onto motivation. Granted, it has slipped a bit but while I was climbing today with that little bit of drool dropping away and looking at my legs to talk them though the interval I remembered one key thing to this sport. "I love riding my bike!"
Last weekends pains from the bumpy WORS race have mostly gone away. My right knee has been hurting though. I think it was all the shock absorption it was forced to take. So, the intervals hae been tuned down just a bit. Rest soon thus the healing begins.
And that is that. According to The Onion, the first non-doping rider of the 2007 Tour de France just finished in Paris this past Thursday. Funny article. Hunt it down or go to


Craig M said...

Hey Ian,
Where is that road with the cliffs? I don't live too far off in Eau Claire.

Ian Stanford said...

It runs along the Trempealeau River off of Hwy 35. Basically about 10 miles in from the Mississippi. Road? County Road P I think. I can't remember. Where are you at?