Thursday, September 06, 2007

The World keeps on turning

Man, with Adam sporting this "serial killer wannabe porno look" I am not sure if I have "the look" for mountain biking anymore. And I was thinking of getting a haircut before the Chequamegon. I guess I will have to think about that again. Well thanks Adam, what do "they" think of American's now?
Well, other than that it seems that the world is still turning. I know this because the Big Dipper keep moving across the sky. I actually saw Canadian Geese packing up and leaving today. Something is in the air eh? Speaking of stuff in the air, apparently the U.S. Air Force is cruising over the United States with nukes on B-52's. Now, while many are surprised by this recent revelation, are you really? They were flying them to Louisiana to be dismantled. I think the old Commander in Chief was hoping they would accidentally fall in lets say......oh.......New Orleans. I don't think Bush is a big fan of that region. I don't think they are a big fan of him either. A speaking of New Orleans, they have a sick brewery there call The Dixie Brewing Company. They make a brown ale named "Blackened Vodoo." Good stuff. And speaking of beer, cross season is coming, and just like coffee and cycling go hand-in-hand, I think beer and cross sub-relate in much the same way. Maybe that or, for me, it is the end of the season and I am on the beer surge splurge. Hey come on, you only get a few weeks to let loose before 08 training starts up again.
It is really sad to hear about Pro downhiller, Tara Llanes recent accident. It sounds probable that she will remain paralyzed from the waist down. On a higher note, she is a cyclist and cyclist love the challenge to overcome. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see her pedalling a bike in a year from now.
Talked to an old friend tonight which was pretty cool. I guess it is that time of the season to catch up on life outside of cycling, starting seeing my rides instead of just feeling them, drink a beer or three, and figure out the next steps in the grand scheme of things.
This weekend will be the final time trial of the year for most of us including myself. The Henderson TT is a first for me but I have been really enjoying the TT bike as of late. Timmer puts the race on so all you time-trialers have to go and support it. No more road races that I know of, and if I go to Vegas it will be to root on the A&F guys at the World Crit. Championships. No Vegas? Then beers in Chetek, WI, feet up, and maybe some fishing. CVV? You up? Hell, I still haven't went golfing. That is for after Chequamegon in order to preserve my back.
25th anniversary of Chequamegon! WOW! Hey Trek? Are you throwing down the bash? See you all in Cable soon enough. I am staying right next to the coffee shop in Cable so you know where I can be found. Ciao -Ian

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