Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another weekend down

all photos by Skinnyski.com

If there is one thing I have learned about 'cross racing it is that I am the king at creating the face-of-pain. I think it all started at Chequamegon and it has carried into 'cross. I have to start wearing glasses again or something.

This weekend I was only able to make the Mill City CX race. This race was my first CX race ever last year. It wasn't snowing like last year but it was still cold, and getting colder through the day. After a 1-hour delay in starting I lined up in a lousy spot predetermining the workload I would need to get near the front.

Doug, who was chasing bears and squirrels up north would have been proud of the return appearances of the local studs of the mountain bike scene. One even showed up on a CX bike this time. "Then the worm has definitely turned for you man." Anyway, the studs would be the CX guys like Bjorn, Hareland, and Bergman. The rest of us chased in hopes of pulling out an o.k result. I got into a 4-man group with Micah Moran from Grandstay, up-and-comer David Hackworthy from Ridley, obviously myself, and the guy driving our train, Paul Ellis of GP.
For once I would say wind was a factor. Bjorn, Aric, and Adam were out of reach but Dan Casper and Dewey were still achievable. In the end we didn't get them either. I snuck by my fellow group riders on the steep step-climb near the finish. It was simply a luck-of-the-draw. There were lapped riders on both sides of the climb and I somehow picked out the best side. Ironically, my first lap I went up that side and then the last lap. And I never grabbed a dollar. man.

It was a great course, long, and simply fun. Again, I am still have fun at CX but maybe the temps this coming weekend will knock that quickly out of me.
The real race though was between Kyia and The Lindas'. These three women had a classic battle in cycling going on. It came down to the final climb. Seconds man, seconds.
Today was dedicated to battling the winds on the time trial bike. I am sure if I had a disc on today I would have ended up in Pittsburg in about an hour. It was a great workout.

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