Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More from last Vegas

and man, I wasn't even there

Regardless, people send you pictures and you discover some on your own trying to see what you didn't actually see. Such as Harper getting taken to the start line by one of the umbrella girls. It had to be a dream come true or maybe just a dream.

Yes, bennett used his back as a skid pan though not by choice I am sure. He has a smile of sorts so either all is well or that road rash pain hasn't kicked in yet.

and fellow Minnesotan Brandon "I'm sleeping in" Gavic taking the U-25 overall. I figure this kid flies through the pack so well simply because you can't see him. He is like a little weasel in the field.

Dino gets a cool job working with the Big Boys of the sport. Yep, that is Magnus. All 190lbs of him trying to figure out how to get faster on a TT bike. How about this Magnus, increase your substainable TT wattage from 490 to something like 600. Hell, make it 700 watts you beast.

Some pictures are worth a thousand words so Steve is going to have to answer up on the Zipp sweater. Steve? What gives? Now that is somewhat of a sight.
Well, time to do a quick cable and housing change on the cross rig and to re-lube the BB. My "Tool" CD just skipped............oh, it just did it again. Somewhere something terrible has just happened in the world. That can be the only possible explanation for such a bizarre incident. I know the pieces fit. Ciao -Ian


timmer said...

steve has a great sense of humor.. those are zipp guys inquiring about the lastest HED wheels.. stvev doesn't go to zipp and ask for advice for a reason... it's his advice he'd be gettin. btw, zipp uses the HED patented toroidal design in all of their spoked wheels.

Ian Stanford said...

Considering it is a bunch of Zipp folks around him it simply shows that Steve is NOT insecure about his products and design. Love it!