Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A No Photo blog

Well, for some reason I can't get photos to post up today because Blogger is on the fritz. So, as I sit here enjoying my morning coffee I am forced to come up with creative ways to help you visualize the photographs I meant to post. However, I am on my first cup of coffee so my creativity is lacking so I will just type a post.
Picture this.....Saturday was the Red Barn CX in Taylors Falls. I headed up through Wisconsin to avoid that odd bend in Eastern Minnesota that makes everything longer to get to. Dodging deer and empty beer cans I rolled into Taylors Falls and to the Christmas tree farm where the race was held. It was a tricky little course that weaved through the trees. While it was short it was physically demanding. Or maybe was the fact that it is late October. Anyway, I missed a high-speed gravel turn and went off course early. I was forced to chase down my companions and caught them on the final lap. Coming into the final downhill Adam, who was in a tangle, pulled back onto the course and caused me to fall off of my group. Ah, no worries. All in good fun. Dougo won as if I surprised anyone with that information. Hareland was second and Dewey stuck it in for third. Me? sixth again.
After the race I took a left out of the parking lot instead of the right to Northfield. I decided to head to the family lakehouse in Chetek, Wisconsin. Upon arriving I was handed a Sierra Nevada and that was that. Actually, I only had three beers the whole night. The next morning, after a few pots of coffee we put on the waiters, jumped into the lake, and pulled out the docks and boat lifts. Let me say, three hours in a very cold lake does not, I repeat, does not help in race leg recovery. I can barely walk.
Getting that done I jetted back to Winona, took a nap, and then went and carved a whopping 6 pumpkins. I went with the standard-faced-design, a Gene Simmons design w/ tongue of course, and a Stuey from Family Guy design. And now I have an F-load of pumpkin seeds. We surrounded work with a sorts of pumpkins.
Yesterday, and now today, I headed up to Holzinger for some Fall riding. That I need the pictures for. It is always a beautiful time of the year and it forces you to just spin out and enjoy the ride. I had a road ride planned today but the trails are just too incredible right now to pass up. So, a couple more hours out there today to help replace my sanity.
No 'cross this weekend due to wedding plans. Not mine! someone elses. Saturday will be busy. Sunday would be too far to drive for just one race. The two weekends after that will be race loaded and then I am done. Two weeks off before the next season begins. New plans in the making, new opportunities, new experiences, and more re-motivations. You have to keep it fresh. This winter I have to learn how to use the snow again. Until then I get to drive to Colorado to pick up a machine for my sister's horse ranch. Wow, what an excuse to go to Colorado! Nice when things like that work out. Ciao -Ian

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