Monday, October 15, 2007


Thanks Linda for the photo of me trying to say something funny to you while I am hurting through my first cross race of the year. As expected, it was cold, Doug and Bjorn put it to us, and the who's who list of Minnesota appeared. With one lap to go I was in the group that had 7-10th place but.....

......disaster strikes. Anything that has to do with "utilities" right now has become a sore subject for me. Ultility bills, utility of work, and utility flags. That deraileur fell victim to those little-assed utility flags that they put on the course. Those flags are tough. I used to mow over them purposely when I was landscaping. Maybe it is the karma I produced then that.... The utility flag is unavailable for comment since I though it about a mile into the woods. This one happened to be located at the end of a large orange PVC pipe on the inside of a turn. Is it necessary to mark the inside of the turn when there is already an object there? Well, apparently so and this is what I get with 1/2 lap to go. In the end though I had some good fun. I had no upper end other than power. Of course, I haven't trained to have any so I didn't expect it either. I need to work more on barriers but other than that I was still smiling at the end.......and that was not only because of Timmer's Blackberry Brandy (ed. that was some good stuff).
The final fix-up of the big? New rear deraileur, new drop-out tab, new chain, and new front large chainring.
It has officially been raining here for 28 hours. A "peaceful" rain but rain nonetheless. Back to the training tomorrow, and back at the races this weekend. Thanks for the cheering section from Kyia, Seve, Mean Dawg, etc. More to come- Ciao -Ian


Kyia said...

I thought I mowed all of those flags down in the B race, I worried about a flat, or a flag going into a derailur while racing. Bummer....Great racing though!

Anonymous said...

Way to go IAN!

S1 said...

You got that screwup atta the way so should be smoove moving from here on up. Good work though.