Monday, October 01, 2007

Too many puppies

My sister's dog, Hope, had a few puppies about 60 hours ago. 13 in all. That is a lot of puppies

Well, the Crit Finals are over and I watched them live on WCSN on the internet. It looked pretty wild and hairball. First off, you had to survive the crash-per-lap plague, and then the high-speed attacks. In the end the Abercrombie & Fitch Pro Devo guys survived with Brandon Gavic winning the series U-25 overall, the team taking 2nd in the series overall, and three riders in the top ten overall with the best being third. Now this is all for what is considered to be an amateur team playing with the big boy U.S. Pro Teams. Not too shabby at all. That is what a successful season should look like because it very much was. Anyway, the crashes looked brutal. Bennett took a good one and literally burned away the entire rear panel of his jersey. Freak'in ouch!

Since Hekman couldn't defend due to injury recovery he picked up a Sharpie instead and prayed for hot chicks to stop on by and say, "Hi!" Rolling like a pimp.

Tim (aka: Timmer) from Hed decided he wanted to live out a childhood dream of his and play "Red Guard" to Cipollini during the Industry race. Now, how many people have a picture of themselves doing that?
I was looking at starting 'cross this weekend because the fitness and motivation are back after a slight break. But, the races are pretty north of here and I am helping out a friend on Sunday with something pretty cool. More on that after Sunday. It's top secret. So, the following weekend with begin the 'cross campaign all the way through the UCI events in Boulder Nov. 3-4. Need a ride? Need to fill a seat?....from Minnesota and/or Wisconsin of course, let me know. That's right Boulder, I am coming back. Keep the coffee shops open. Ciao -Ian

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Lunatic Biker said...

Boy, those puppies sure are cute. I'll take five of them.