Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back in the Minnesotantartica

After getting my winter driving in on the way to Colorado I feel that my "white knuckles" are now officially broken in for the winter of 07-08.

Getting back to Boulder was nice. I finally can say I missed it. Even though the weather was a miss I was able to sneak out a ride on the final day. I kept around the city. NCAR and bike path sightseeing.
I killed the coffee shops, I killed Vitamin Cottage, I killed Soopers on their $1.00 Larabars, I killed the Wild Oats, we killed Sherpas, and I even killed The Sundowner. Hey, who can not miss going to a bar that has Fugazi on their jukebox?

But all good things come to an end at least temporarily. Again, I say goodbye to Boulder while I figure on new strategies for getting back there someday.

Please, Of course I see it each way out and back yet I still have no idea who came up with this structure. The only info I have is from "What about Schmidt?" Well, Nebraska needs something, anything, to make it memorable.

Nice photo. SRAM is on for Astana. I wonder who the bike sponsor will be? Hmmmmm. Nice bike behind Johan. Interesting.
Well, next season is about to start up. Yep, the weightroon goes down next week, Strength intervals starting Thursday, and re-tooling of the rest diet.
On Mike Janelle. Wow, I am not sure what to say. I really didn't know him from outside of doing the endurance races. However, from the times I have met him and hung out he was about as real as it gets as a person. You could have just got done with the hardest Marathon race in your life and he would be standing there smiling afterwards while you are re-tasting your breakfast. The guy loved it. I knew from the first Marathon I ever did that this guy would get my respect. He still does and always will. I am sure he's riding some of the sickest singletrack ever today. RIP man! It is a huge loss for the heart of endurance racing in the U.S. He was a key personality.
It is getting cold and my heater won't shut off. Do you love me Excel Energy? This is a love/hate relationship. They love me and I hate them. To warmer days! Ciao -Ian

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Anonymous said...

Its Nebraska's version of an oasis. I have no idea what that thing is either. Just dont park on the shoulder to take pictures...