Sunday, November 18, 2007

Season Over

My "no show" at the Minnesota CX Championships was a confirmation that my season is over. While I was in shape and have actually been riding quite a bit, I just did not have the mind in me to toe another line this year. In reality, I have been piling on the junk miles up at Holzinger. Kind of a "Stanford and Son" junk collection of mileage. But, the riding has been beautiful up there and I managed not to run down a single hiker or their poop-dropping-in-the-middle-of-the-singletrack-dogs.
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So, it looks like the race was pretty sweet. Besides the normal local CX convicts the Wisconsinite Lalonde Brothers arrived to give the Minnesotans a run for the win.
Apparently, Steve is not paying "Dino" enough money. Look at you Chris, what will you do for money?

Apparently, the economy is looking good for spectators but not so much for the racers themselves. "Patty Cakes" even got involved in the money grubbing. Well, it is going to be a cold winter in Minnesota this year and X-cel heat is going to be pricey. Grab away my man.

In the end it was Doug Swanson of Grandstay taking the Minnesota CX title. Big congrats and I can't say I didn't see it coming. If he wants the win he most likely will take it. He is simply a fluid rider. Congrats to Linda Sone for taking the Women's State Championship State Title!

Aric Hareland of Hollywood Cycles took the overall Minnesota CX series title. Mr. Consistent. Well, that is why he took the overall. Consistency.

My next move is a week of chill time in Colorado. Leave Tuesday, come back the following Monday. Thanksgiving will be spent with friends in Golden and then I will hit the annual Turkey and Gravy reduction ride in Boulder. 80 miles of easy calorie burning and war stories.
December starts the new season. With the new season comes new goals and a new team. Abercrombie and Fitch was great, and I made a lot of good friends within that team. It was an opportunity of a lifetime and I am grateful. As A&F continues to recruit for the next level step, I find myself wanting to stay more local. It allows me to race more with teammates, train more with them, and not to drive 35,000 miles in one summer. I wish all the A&F/ Inferno Racing guys the best of luck for 2008, as well to all those who have moved on.
For me, I am racing with the Minnesota-based Grandstay Cycling Team for 2008. I am overly excited to be back racing with some old teammates from back in the Nature Valley days. Doug, Dan, Mean Dawg, and Micah. It is a strong team and fully well-rounded. Much like the A&F team there is no selfishness. We know who can do what and that is how we will roll. It is a team. For me, it is a renewed motivation for the off-season and to continue another year. Doug is the obvious strong man and we all know his capabilities. Danno has the snap-sprint from hell that makes you blink twice. Mean Dawg is like the Ekimov of the local scene. Put him on the front and the pace goes fast forever. From the looks of Micah's cross campaign he is attempting to become the most-improved-rider for 2007. I expect to see fire from this guy in 2008. Matt Williams, the man-behind-the-curtain is strong within himself. This cross season showed me that he is definitely a powerful, long lasting rider. As far as the rest of the team....I will get to know them soon enough. I have looked at the roster and could not be happier. It should be a great 08.
Well, after my coffee and a few days of travel I will recap my 2007 season if you care. Until then, bundle up. It is freak'in cold out there.....and put the ice cream down. It is only November. Ciao -Ian


Mean Dawg said...

Glad to have ya back yo. I wouldn't want to race against our team next next year...Our power level just went up a notch, yikes

timmer said...




cripes, you guys are even stronger now.