Tuesday, December 04, 2007

jamie pierre off back of Fred's Mountain

He may not have stuck it but he still went for it. I have looked off the back of this cliff band at grand Targhee before. Freak'in nuts.


Doc said...

Looks like he did a kind of inadvertent endo on the way down. Even if he landed it, he would have gone in about ten feet at terminal velocity.

Ian Stanford said...

At least. Really, not sure that the ski design would even allowed for him to crater 10ft without giving out. In some odd chance of luck his landing may have been the right way to do it. Either way, to stick it would have required a steeper landing slope, light granulated snow, and to land on the skis of course. Rumor is that he crater 15 ft down and that he was actually dug out. Makes sense. Like I said, I have looked over that very edge and cannot believe someone would huck themselves off of it.