Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Man, would you update already

Well, not much new in the world of my little world other than being sick. Man, I hate being sick. It is like when your car breaks down. It is simply useless. I felt it coming on while I was watching the surprising, once again, Viking win on Sunday. I went into my typical evasive action but this one struck too quick. I have been cooking myself out in a 0 degree sleeping bag and that has helped a lot, even though the bag needs to go to the launderer now. Everyone is sick in Winona. Everyone. I figure, working in a restaurant, just starting some serious weight training, and getting back on the bike all created for the perfect environment for me to get sick. Restaurant = exposure. Everyone in on Saturday was sick. Man, stay home if you are sick. Do not come to my place of work and get me sick too. Weights = Well, they are just heavy and my body didn't find that amusing. Bike = fluid trainer = rollers = thanks god the new Bourne movie is out.
Catch them while you can. Tool is closing out their tour. Las Vegas is the wrap.

Speaking of shows. While I was sick I found it advantagous for me because I got to watch all the Led Zeppelin Bootleg footage from the O2 Arena in London. Man, they sounded great. And now the rumor is 10-15 shows in the U.S. in May and June. $$$ but worth it. Oh ya, don't go to Youtube to watch the footage because Warner Brothers has put the stop to all of that. God forbid watching a bunch of crappy cellphone footage may interfere with their ability to sell the upcoming, professionally filmed version of the CHARITY concert. And what in the hell does Warner Brothers have to do with with an Ahmet Charity fundraiser? Was he not Mr. Atlantic Records. Oh well, that must be the music biz.
I see I have some high expectation to achieve and live up to for cycling in 2008. First off, I saw the footage of Danno give Hanna the "Sprinter Slap" at a recent cycling gathering. Since there are probably only about 4 sprinters in the Midwest anyhow we'll see how it all plays out. It was some funny footage. And then, and then, Mean Dawg throws down in some ultimate warrior style wrestling match. Lesson? Do not wrestle Mean Dawg. He is like a cat on a rabbit. Take it down and pin it. And Danno and Mean Dawg will both be my new teammates....again. Things are looking good already.
Trek signed to Astana. Uh, duh. I think the Madones are selling a bit off right now. Good move by Trek but I still would have liked that to play out with Slipstream. Oh well, that must be the bike biz.
Hoping you are at all sick like I am. Ciao -Ian


Ian Stanford said...

Apparently my gripe about Warner Brothers has reached their offices. All O2 Zeppelin is back up on Youtube. Man, I would have never guessed my blog reaches so many. I have got execs at Warner. Ya right. Anyway, go check out the footage.

Jake said...

Are you not riding for A&F next year?