Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A quick year in review

Well, the 2007 season started off with Mr. Gavic convincing me to go Iowa for some local race that was a Roubaix format. We went, it snowed, it was cold, Brandon and I played the tactics, Brandon and I broke away, he let me win.
Next off was Oxbow where I was immediately sandwiched into a Granstay Big Mac. Attack after attack left me with few options. I would attack on the gravel downhill but there was simply too much exposure for a long solo effort out of me. Fitness was still twitching

I think Durand was next. Regardless, not enough fitness and too much wind. I tried to make a move once but the counter move went instead. I sat up and laughed at my situation. Oh, that damned wind. Soign Valley, Thank you safety pin for ending my day early. I am sure it would have anyway.
Next, it was off to Joe Martin with fitness in hand. I spoke to a couple elementary classes, went and looked dumb at the local Abercrombie store, and met up with teammates. I felt good for this one but the cards were not meant to be. Stage one led to a flat 60 miles out and 2 miles after the RR crossing. With all the wheel cars and support cars at the RR crossing fixing flats I was left at the side of the road for 5 minutes with nothing. Nada. Big bummer since this was the best fitness I have had at Joe Martin. So, I chased for 60 miles nearly solo and finished 10 minutes back. Day two was pacing someone back for 28 miles. The uphill TT was o.k considering the work I had already put in. Crit? pulled out for the first time, well, I was yanked with 6 to go. The legs were blown. Joe Martin requires you to rest as much as possible until the end.
So, Greg and I were off to Tri-peaks for three days of laying around in a hotel. Again, I played each stage cool finishing with the lead pack. Last day, canned it behind a crashed Health Net rider, chased for 3-miles to the base of Mt. Nebo. Enough said there. I climbed fast but not with the guys I should have been with.
State TT was next. I thought I could win but wasn't sure. I felt like crap and misjudged the wind direction thus going out too hard. In the end it worked out. I felt like I could have put in more though. State crit? Hey, I felt pretty good, bridged, attacked, got boxed in on the last lap. What are you going to do? Rode the Charity TT to a win.

Nature Valley GP went o.k besides my stupidity. Felt like crap in St. Paul, got caught in a crash and chased for dear life back to the group in Cannon Falls, missed my TT start???????, took Patty Cakes advice and went on a sweet break with him in Mankato, got to race Mpls crit. with no rain and 10's of thousands of spectators, and then blew Stillwater with tar in my cleat at the start. And I laughed at the guy who did that last year. Ah, Karma.
Northfield crit. finished 3rd. Worked hard, bridged some gaps, played some patience, mis-shifted out of the last corner and was stuck in the wrong gear. Later found that my rear cable housing loop had come apart and left a little piece of wire lodged in my cable housing. Well, that isn't any good now is it? Still, I was happy with the fitness. Went back to Shimano cable housing.
Elite TT and RR. Went early, rode with team, felt great, got a bad start time for the TT, rode TT in a freak'in downpour, still did good under the conditions. RR was not so great. I loved the course and it suited me but in the end I was a cramping fool for not taking on enough fluids. Ended up in a chair eating Clif Bars at the finish, discovering a lost Snickers Bar in Greg's dad's Suburban (Score!),getting a ride to the condo, and laying around in Shammy Time with Marcotte. Oh that day.
Went to Superweek, felt like crap at Holy Hill, got in the winning 4-man break at Cedarburg and then dropped out with 10 to go. I was so dizzy I could barely stand. Still, by far one of my biggest "Lammo's" of my cycling career. Top 25's everyday after that. Man, if I could have Cedarburg back. Next year.
Off to Elkgrove for 100+ degree weather and sketchy crit racing. I was comfortable with it but not quite to form yet. I was saving that for Downers. Marco scored big but just missed the win. We made some good money, I have never seen the money, I think Marco still hasn't even gotten it yet. Ah, promoters. Odd race though. Fun, but odd.
Downers. Felt great. Raced the Masters race and led Jimbo around the final two laps. He couldn't quite pull it out though. Rain. Rain. Rain.
Next day was the Elite race. Rain. Rain. Rain. Team rode great and did what it was suppose to do and then some. In the end Lady Luck must have went to the porti-potti because she wasn't there for the finish. Team rode tough.
Went to Rhinelander for the WORS Marathon. Got kicked around on the roughest course ever conceived and finished 7th.

Raced the Chequamegon again. This time I had the fitness but could not get the legs to unblock. I blame the cold and still do. I have had similar incidents with the cold since. I have the race figured out, just not me. Did the Wisport Champs TT and finished 2nd. Didn't have my head in the game for the first few miles. Man, sometimes we never learn do we?
Did some cross, had some fun, called it quits early.
Now I am riding with Grandstay, back into training, and looking to get faster. Looking back I was happy my fitness despite backing off the training time. TT went great and I thank the guys at Hed for the sweet equipment, and Steve Hed for the fit. I swear, I thought I had a fast fit until Steve tweaked me. All I could say was, "Holy Crap!."

The Man
The Man. Congrats to Bjorn on U-23 Cross Supremacy.

That's that. A quick review of the 2007 season. I may have missed a few things but that is the just of it. I had fun. Thanks for being a part of it all. Now, 2008.......

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Doc said...

Whew! I'm exhausted just reading about your season. Good job, Ian.

BTW, it's way more fun being in a Grandstay sandwich when you're on their team! (It still hurts just as bad though).