Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Someone fix the thermostat already

Well, Minnesota is living up to its EXTREME winter stereotype. I mean, come on. 40 below windchills? The funny part is that two days ago, just two days ago, it was something like 40 degrees.......on the plus side of zero.
The 2008 Grandstay team had it's first get together this past weekend. We were able to get out for 4-hours on Saturday, go chill out at the Grandstay in St. Cloud afterwards, eat food, and talk. A bunch of the guys hit it again the following day but I had to get back to the grindstone of work.

Now, I am not a big winter rider. In fact, if it drops below 36 degrees it is game over for me. But, I braved it out for the team. "When in Rome....." Well, even Romans wouldn't ride in this crap. Wait, wasn't Pantani from near Rome? Well, regardless, it was a great ride frozen waterbottles and all.

and there is who made the cookies for the ride. No, no, no, not Al Franken. Dr. Stace. Good stuff even if I polished off far too many of them.

You need a frameset? 56cm Masi 3VC HM Carbon. Seriously you all, this is a sick frame. Interested? Contact me at or see me at my sweet-ass table at the Bike Swap up in Blaine.

The new edition to the household. Yes, another cat. I figured my cat, Tom, was getting bored and needed a training partner for times when I am gone. Hell, I get bored alone here so I can only imagine what Tom goes through. Well, the kitten is definitely running him. This thing is nuts.
Politics? Funny stuff lately huh? And how about Rock Racing? Well, here is how I see it. Mr. Ball sells his company in this fashion. It has worked for him this far and it will coninue to work in selling jeans, not cycling. I respect the guy in one aspect because he is willing to drop serious cash in our sport when no one else will. But, in the end his role and actions will leave a negative scar on an already scarred sport. Time will tell and I may be totally wrong. That is just my subjective view. As for Leogrande? well.....
I just watched Fastfood Nation in DVD. I have read the book but the visuals in this off-documentary have caused me to review my eating status of animals. I am starting with beef. For now on, no more beef. If I break that rule it will be for grass-fed, open field cattle only. No more Big store, big bag, big box, type beef. I mean, what the F? Anyway, see the movie and watch the last two minutes with a pail next to your side.
I hate cold. Ciao -Ian
Go to and watch the crazy Dave Zabriskie interview. Sweet!

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Eichten Farms=Buffalo.
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