Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sometimes "The Man" is with you

The "Man" can be pretty much anyone. I am not sure if pure stupidity over-powered sheer luck with these gun-toting fools, but the fact that their still living is a bit more than chance.
It happens all the time on the bike. Certain moments do stick out much greater than others. Big events like getting caught on Mt. Evans during a freak out-of-nowhere June blizzard, racing down icy roads without guardrails, plummenting through heavy rain, and shivering to the point where you can no longer pedal. And right when you are thinking you are totally screwed there happens to be a saint on the side of the road. "Ian, over here. Give me your bike and get in the truck. There is a blanket in the back." See, there is a higher power. Jeff Osanko just saved my life.
Sometimes it is the little things like a simple waterbottle out on the open road. You are really wishing that you have water and all of a sudden there is some when there shouldn't be. Last year in the break at Mankato Paul Ellis pulled up along side of me with the GP car and gave me a bottle. Hallaluhah.
Anyway, look at your "close calls" in life, both big and small, and wonder to yourself, "How did I pull that one out?"
Now, who do I talk to about all this snow and cold? Ciao -Ian

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