Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Houston, we have ignition!"

Well, Tom "Thor" Zirbel pulled of a crazy 8th place in the Individual Time Trial at the Tour of California. That put him as the top U.S domestic pro in the ITT results. It forced me to sit at my computer and follow the TT to see how long his time would stick. Anyway, 1:29 back from Levi, 19 seconds from Fabian Cancellara (Current World ITT Champion). Big congrats to Tom on an incredible result. Thor is back and he is looking to conquer again.
New bike is here. Complete build up? Ummm, 14 lbs, 11 ounces. I need to check that scale again. Anyway, I made the cut on the integrated seatpost and got it perfect on the first try. See, you don't get too many tries on that manuever. A couple problems though. The integrated seatmast clamp is too setback for me. I need something like 5cm back. So, I am hunting for that now and I am sure it will be like successfully hunting passenger pigeons. Until then, saddle all the way foward. Next issue, Tucson is a little over a week. I pulled the travel case out and it will be a tight fit for the bike with an integrated seatmast. I figure if the crankset and seat clamp are pulled off I should be just able to make it. Wild. Who would have thought?
Last night we had the biggest dick head in the Green Mill. A hockey parent. Now, I don't have a problem with hockey since it is one of my sports. But, this douche bag is the reason why kids have problems with self esteem, why people don't like waiting tables, and why I am sure all the wrong people are killed in car crashes. He treated our entire staff like crap. He was rude, let his kids run mad (all 14 of them), led the other parents into his bits of rage, caused other guest to complain, and almost cost us a great server. I let the general manager Paul deal with him. Hell, Paul even burst a blood vessel in his eye dealing with this P.O.S. I floated in the backround just waiting for one more outburst. I wish there had been because then it would have been "game over" for this guy. "10 minute major, and ejection from our establishment and hotel." These are the people who you SHOULD NOT remind to look both ways before crossing the street. "Instant Karma is goin' to getcha...."
So, come on people. Treat those around you with some respectable level of humanity.
Pictures soon of the new ride and other oddities. Ciao -Ian


r said...

Zirbel did even better today...

Andy said...

Ian, have you tried turning the clamp around and pushing the seat back?

Ian Stanford said...

That clamp has a silly offset in the first place. Ritchey is known for that. I am checking with Thomson since I saw a Thomson version on a bike at the ToC.
Yes, Zirbel almost pulled the big one in the final stage. Crap. Still, 5th. Hmmm. I think cycling has taken a new turn for Thor.