Sunday, February 10, 2008

I can pay my rent!

Well, just as I thought, and told you. The Swansons were indeed riding. It hurts just to think how much they hurt. In case any of you have not noticed it is just a hair bit cold outside. I love waking up to a 61 below windchill. Did you catch that? Read again all you snowbirds in AZ. 61 BELOW ZERO windchill. That is cold. So, when not amazing my southern based customers with tricks involving throwing hot water into the air to watch it snow I instead wake my ass up early in the morning and drive to Blaine for the bike swap.
Good times and now I can make rent for another month. Oh, the bike biz is so lucrative. In turn, it was a great way to catch up with people and talk crap. I am still left with far too much gear but the economy is tight. Thanks Bush and the Fed. Reserve. You ruined my sale.
Gavic drove up from "The Land of the Chosen One" Milwaukee to join in on the fun. Knowing that it was actually Hoth-like conditions outside nobody was eager to do anything but dump off bike equipment.
The Super-Rookie stopped by with his little demonic podcast transcriptor gadget to take down thoughts and any other BS we could throw out. Of course, he had to ask the question about the "Invite only" status of the Nature Valley GP and the building of a Minnesota Superteam. O.k, I will clarify my stance on it only once and then I do not want anymore questions about it because frankily I don't care. From my experience with NRC races I know who would make up an ideal team. The keyword there is "ideal" and that is based on my opinion. The keyword there being "opinion." There is a lot of talent in Minnesota. Much of it is obvious and some of it awaits in hiding. What I do not want to see is a bunch of negativity, hostility, and bad feeling about this selection process. The last thing we should all do is chop eachothers heads off for something we do not have control of. We need to keep our own race scene together and healthy. From the looks of it we should be glad that we can even field anyone. That is that, direct all other questions on this to someone who cares. As for me, I will be ready for the race regardless should I be invited. If not, I will go to the Tour of Ohio. So, I have another plan and that all works out fine for me. NVGP just allows me to race close to home on roads I know and to have friends and family come out to enjoy it all with me. My family digs the event.
The next week will be busy dealing with the lose of my grandmother tonight. While we all saw it coming you still can only be surprised. Personally, I was happy for her since the real spiritual journey really begins now. Plus, I heard it is suppose to warm up to temperatures that Ian can endure on a ride. T-shirt weather for Dougo and Danno, snowmobile suit weather for myself.
Hope you are all keeping warm and healthy. Off to sleep in a warm bed. Puerto Rico cannot come soon enough. Ciao -Ian


Andy said...

Well put sir, I 100% agree. I hope this invite only thing doesnt cause a fuckin street war

Andy said...

Soory about your grandma too

Ian Stanford said...

If so I am bringing a trident and a hand grenade. They worked so well for the "Anchorman" crew. Ustedes Muchachos!

Super said...

I hope it causes a street war!

Can you imagine Timmer vs. Doig in a street match.