Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I seek warmth

I can see the days at the office are beginning to suck for Dino....

I seek warmth. While in the plans, and while talking to "Donut" I decided to drift on over one last time to Sun Country's website to see if they had laid off on their airfare. I must have picked the right day because it had dropped considerably, and then went back up. Not before I got in on it. So, March 3rd to the 10th will be spent in the desert and crime-free community of Tucson. Now, time to plan the rides.

Following the Tour of California has been pretty cool. I have some friends to follow along with in there. Tom "Thor" Zirbel, riding for the Bissell Cycling Team, for one. Catch his blog on my list of blogs. It is fun to see the World talent that this race has attracted.
Now, some agree and some disagree about what is being done to Astana. Well, call me old fashioned but this is a new team under new management. They should be allowed to race the Tour de France. In fact, they should be expected to race it. What has happened in the past is the past. Johan had nothing to do with it, Levi wasn't there, Contador rode for Discovery, Horner was burning one with his hippie friends, and the rest of Discovery was trying to keep a job. Regardless whether you believe this team is clean or dirty they are a new program. I know if they don't race the Tour they only way I am going to watch it is if Slipstream gets in there. Anyway, to the ASO........boooooo. Now they have subjectified their own political system used to run their organization. Let Levi ride! www.letleviride.com
Just my opinion. Well, getting down to 15 below tonight so I am going to go hide in bed and wait it out. Ciao -Ian
New bike tomorrow! Thanks Matt W. for getting it down here.

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Andy said...

AZ huh? You are lucky yo. Have fun down there and make Jesse Drink. Oh yeah, I was in green Bay over the Holidays and had a Fat Squirrel by New Glarus. It reminded me of Super week when we stated with brandon