Saturday, February 09, 2008

State of Hockey

Even if Doug and Dan are out riding in this 30 below weather, what can the rest of us do to beat out the cold? Oh ya, go see the Wild lose again to the Stars.

I have this bad luck 0-1 scoring streak going with the Wild. I have never seen a game that they have won or any score other than 0-1. Basically, the Wild forgot what a "high stick" is and decided that the penalty box was actually quite comfortable. Plus, the 3 period consisted of the Wild looking like a semi-good Peewee level team.
Before that we stopped up at Hed to drool on some new wheels. The season is upon us and that was clearly evident within the walls of Hed.
I am back up and running now after a knee injury in the weightroom. Still some stiffness but the old doc in Boulder thinks everything is good-to-go. "Ian, just stretch those hamstrings better for now on." Gotcha doc. Maybe the missing of yoga for the past two weeks now didn't help. Hey, a man has got to work.
My calendar is starting to shape up a bit. There is some confusion about the "invite only" for the Nature Valley Grand Prix. It doesn't look good for Minnesota teams per say. That is a bummer because I think the "big three" (Grandstay, Grand Performance, and Flanders) have really rostered up their squads. Any one of those team could hang in the race and pull something off. Local riders and teams that have supported this event since day one should not be forgotten. I think a local presence is very important to the base of the spectator draw. It is not good for the development of cycling in Minnesota. We'll know more over the next couple of weeks, and I am sure it will somehow get worked out. Help us out, if anyone has Dave LaPorte's email please foward it to me at I would love to get in touch with him with some ideas, suggestions or to simply talk about it. I just want to know what he see's and let him now how we see it. There is a solution somewhere. If I don't get to go I guess I will find something else to race that weekend for now on. What are you going to do?
Well, the weather is turning to crapola again. Hey, 30 below windchills with 45 mph winds? Who doesn't love that? (No comment necessary Swansons). I guess I have built up quite the DVD collection this year. Next up, The Untouchables. Ciao -Ian


Doc said...

Good choice of trainer movies, Ian. After yesterday's blizzard ride, Big Jim and I are opting for "The Assasination of Jesse James" this afternoon.

BTW, starting about your age, I injured my right knee in the wt room every January because I ramped up to max wts too fast. Now I take 2 months to reach max, and sometimes I still don't push it all the way to fatigue. Just my thoughts...

GoBigGreen said...

Too bad you werent at last night's game. They didnt play too well, but at least they got out with the win. The loss against Detroit last week stunk.

Jake said...

The Wild are 2 and 0 when I've been at the games. (In Chicago and in Columbus this year). For the sake of the team, maybe you should give me any tickets you get in the future since they seem to play so well when I'm there.