Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Zirbel again

Well, if the 8th in the Tour of California ITT wasn't good enough for Tom "Thor" Zirbel then it must have been settled with the 5th on the final stage. Tom made a decisive attack entering the finishing circuits and held the field off solo for 4 of the 5 laps. With a part of the final lap remaining he was caught by "shortbus" Hincapie, Sutherland, and a couple others. He was gapped, caught back on, but could not line the sprint up with them. Still, I am pretty sure I saw a smile on his face when he crossed the line. What a Tour of California for Zirbel. He has worked for it and has the natural talent for it. Congrats my man!

Sweet artwork eh? Part of that is my soon-to-be new tattoo. But bigger news.....Tool is already in the studio working on their new album. Wow. Normally there is a 4 to 5 year layoff between albums. Hey, no arguing from me. Record away guys.
The weather has been good enough to get some rides outside lately. I got some good climbing work done a couple days ago on the cross bike. Too sloppy out for the new Scott Addicts. I will save that for Arizona on Monday. Speaking of which, I need to make some tweaks on the bike so Ciao -Ian


Large Falling Icicles said...

Think Zirbel will ever be in Le Tour? Should be...

Ian Stanford said...

I am all for it. I really think he has a great team in Bissell. Very supportive and a lot of experience on that squad. I do hope team on the next step up took notice of him though. I am sure some did. I think he is still blowing out the junk from being sick and slowed down. There is more to come for sure from Tom.