Sunday, March 09, 2008

Last day in the sand

No pics, sorry. Internet speed is a little slow at the moment. Anyway, tomorrow will consist of hitting La Buzz for coffee, packing bikes, cleaning the condo, and finding a ride to the Tucson Airport. If anyone knows someone who can transport three people with three bike boxes please let me know.
We hit Mt. Lemmon a couple of days ago. It had to be the nicest day ever up there despite battling the lower mountain winds. We got to Summerhaven, had coffee, and bolted back down. Yesterday was a chilled ride to watch a crit. and get some unstressful miles in.
Today we linked up with TJ Woodruff, who is the midwest transplant-now-turned Zonie" and rode North through the Avra Valley area. I have to say we did well avoiding traffic especially on a Sunday. I even got to see the gated community that has it's own tunnel through a hillside to get to it. Hmmm, not too sure how cool that is.
Well, more pics on a better internet day. Until then, I hope I am going home to a bit more warmth. Ciao -Ian


Andy said...

Sounds like you guys had a good time. You missed a shitty week of weather. It was like 12F Saturday. See ya at Secret training camp yo

Thor said...

Hey man, thanks for the props in the previous posts. That's a nice (fast) looking TT rig ya got there. And it sounds like you wised up a bit and headed south for some training OUTdoors. Word. There may be hope for you yet. :)