Sunday, March 16, 2008

The melt-off

Slowly, with slight assistance from the actual temperature, the snow and ice are melting away in Minnesota. The guys and gals in the Cities got off easy this year compared to the snow amounts two hours south of them. Winona got a lot. Now comes the slop, salty water, and loads of sand to contend with.
I can only think of times of dryness....

O.k. you are completely a walking (and driving of course) Yuppie if you have a tunnel leading into your gated-community. Come on. A 500 meter road around the left of this hill would have avoided this yuppie-tunnel. T.J. told me about it and I had to see it.

Well, Tucson has a lot of money in some parts. You know you are loaded when you have green grass with sprinklers in action all the time. I still can't figure it out.
This week has been dedicated to a lot of work due to the North something-or-other NCAA Regional Championships in Winona. Winona killed their opponent last night, Ft. Lewis is out (bummer, cool guys), and Mankato got bagged by some team out of South Dakota. All this has brought chaos to work and a typical shift can now demand about a 5000 calorie workout. Seriously, 8-hours of on-the-move demands. Two nights of that and I am whipped. Today, bike.
Next week? Puerto Rico, Barbados, Dominica, Dominican Republic, St. Kitts, ocean and warmth. Back to the exercise bike on the ship. Bring pedals, wrench, and shoes. Mountain biking on the islands. Stay away from the all-day food lines on the ship. Rules in place. Season upon me. Ciao -Ian

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