Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sun, wind, traffic, food

Today was 25mph headwinds nearly every direction I went for 7 hours. Rode up Madera Canyon and realized I am far from form. Best moment? Watching wild turkeys on the side of the road who then decided to chase me for 100 feet. Aggressive turkeys while I am trying to climb were far worse than the typical rabid dog.

Looks like the TSA didn't quite get my bike box back together right. I am pretty sure this strap should be inside. But thanks for putting zip ties back on. We'll be in touch

Working on the TT bike back at home. I have a special change coming for it but that is for a later blog. I feel the need for speed.

Cat poses. Tom is the king of posing. He is probably glad to have the "dumb ass human" out of his house for awhile.

After the 120 miles of windfest today I am rearing back to a 4-5 hour ride tomorrow over in the Saguro Natl. Park. Winds are suppose to be high tomorrow. A repeat of today. Anyway, avoiding the crazy traffic down here.
Sorry about the snow in the Midwest. Timmer informed me. Thats sucks, that really sucks. Man.......Ciao -Ian

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Eric O. said...

Nice ore-to-shore awards. Mid to upper 30s and sunshine next week. It will make a sizable dent in the snow pack and at least clean up the shoulders.