Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bike fits, Ardennes II, and Dougdom

Well, it has come down down to literally building my old bike to find my fit problem. The Scott has nearly the same geometry as my Masi but Scott has a retarded 25 cm offset seatmast clamp. Perhaps Bontrager, Thomson, Easton, etc can help Ritchey out with the concept of a proper offset. How did Scott's engineers design such a killer frame and then snafu it with some odd clamp? Anyone know of another company doing 25 cm offsets? I don't. Anyway, I am tweaking everything to try to get back to my 12 cm offset, like my Thomson. Until then, it is sore everything. My lower back was so sore from being stretched out yesterday at Kenwoods that I am nearly immobile today. I had no power yesterday once my back shutdown. Of course, it has been shutdown since Durand. [Lov'in Aleve] Good for training and sleep. If I can't get this tweak it is back on the Masi until Scott gets me the "claimed" 15 cm offset clamp they are "claiming" to be making with Ritchey.
This last week has been a lot of time on the Hed Ardennes. Any doubts I previously had about their feel is gone now. I gave them the climbing test, the downhill test (you know the downhills in my area, and the uphills for that matter), the wind test, and the tube pressure test. Here are the results;
Climbing- Get out of the saddle and no tire give. Simply, just drive. They climb like mofo's. In the saddle you feel the direct drive as well. Perhaps a little more dig on rear wheel pressure but that is probably more me than anything.
Downhills- I swear they are faster than the equivelant semi-aero rim. Same conditions I think I increased 2-3 mph without additional power over my Bastognes, and the Bostognes are ungodly fast. The Ardennes are a self-accelerating wheel. Heads up!
Wind- Thanks for the recent Kenwoods they pass the test. I joked with Pellis about wind tunnel studies with a 90 degree, 40 mph wind. Well, without a test of such ever being conducted I think we both concluded they are just fine since he was running them too.
Tube pressure- Tricking one. With guys at Hed saying 100 psi I went there and it feels good. However, I pumped my wheels up 4 days ago to 100 psi and never checked them at Kenwoods. Paully recommended 85 to 80 psi. Hmmmm, well after the race I checked and I was at 85 psi on-the-nose, and they were riding like dreams. So, lower pressures. Paully is onto that one.
I swear, get a pair or check out the Hed Jet C2's if you are looking for a bit more aero. But, don't be fooled by small semi-aero rims. They are faster than you would imagine if done right. Trust me, Hed is doing them right.

April 26th. Crap weather. The kingdom of Doug, now known to me as "Dougdom" continues it's conquests throughout the region. Laying waste to his rivals once again, Doug shattered the competition and the wind. I hope Mother Nature isn't too P.Oed at him for making her look like a fool yesterday. As for me, I missed the first echelon "Hello, McFly?" Maybe it is because I don't like Kenwoods or it doesn't like me. The first time I ever raced it I was so sick with the flu or something that I have never had a taste for it again. Last year it was the safety pin which I actually laughed about when I found. Christ, it is a "Safety" pin. Regardless, we can't leave Doug out there alone with strong competition so that s%#t is done. My kick in the ass for sure. Sure, I rode like crap yesterday, am having bike fit issues, have a detroyed back, but that really is not an excuse. I still KNOW how to ride a bike.
Anyway, Doug won of couse, Brian was up next, Casper went solo from our group with a lap to go and held it for 5th, I won our bunch sprint against Paul for 6th (Sorry Paul, please call me a dick the next time you see me), and Matt Williams and Mean Dawg were right behind me. A lot of dudes on the top 10 from Grandstay.
This is the worst start to a season I can recall for many many years. It comes down to fit and injury. The bike is just not locked into me like my past bikes have been. The next couple of days will be experimental starting with a lower saddle. If that fails then it is back to a older saddle, etc, etc, etc. I love the frameset so I am hoping for this to work out. Plus, I can't afford to keep the Masi around any longer.
Next up, midweek Cities, Marty, and a weekend in the Cities.
Pray for weather that fits our current calendar date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ciao -Ian

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