Monday, April 07, 2008


The past four days were dedicated to riding the Grandstay camp in Wisconsin. Weather was great and the roads turned out to be very nice. Everyone looked pretty good....and I am on the way there. Too many days off prior to camp. Anyway, it was a great chance to blow out my pre-cruise cold and ride with people other than myself.
I wish I had my own photos to post but my camera is still on vacation. I should have stayed with my camera.
Dan and Linda cooked up some serious dinners for us which kept us well fed. The coffee pots have neer seen such a workout up there as they did during these past few days.
I am still working on dialing in the fit on this bike. It is now gotten to the point of frustrating but it has got to get done. Lance got the structured bike fit from the team Saturday night. He surely knows what setback is now.
Next up? Opus in a week, maybe Iowa this Sunday? Who knows. Gas prices are going to put a hamper on some of the travel this year.
Off to work to solve problems. I have 6 days in a row of shifts to kepe me occupied. Ciao -Ian

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Andy said...

Ian, thanks again for a great weekend. I would measure BB shell difference, rail-to-top of saddle difference, and seat length (I think the TT it shorter than the flite). I know fitting the new bike sucks, I had a bit of a time too. Good luck yo.