Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lost and No Found

Well, Northworst Airlines still has that wonderful shine of ineffeciency. My camera has most likely been lost forever. See, I know I am responsible for my articles that I carry-on but NWA cannot explain to me at all where, who, or what has got my camera. In my 3-hours of playing the calling-circle with them I was told, "call Central Baggage at MSP because they will have it after 10 days." O.K, what is the phone number? "Sorry sir, I don't have that number. You will have to go to the airport." Sure, I live 130 miles from it. And who has got my camera those first 10 days? Or, how about this? "Well sir, after 5 days they donate your camera to Goodwill or something. I am not sure?" Personally I like this one a lot, "Our planes are cleaned by a private contractor so they might have it." How do I contact them? "I am not really sure?" So, I am going to stop Tuesday at MSP and see what I can find out. Personally, this is BS and extremely poor of NWA. How hard is it to take the found item, put it in a barcoded bag, label it with date, seat number, and flight number, enter that into a data base for central look up? Then, when I call they can say, "oh, it is in Minneapolis. Please give us your credit card and we will ship it out to you." I was told, "sir, we have thousands of lost and found items left on our planes daily." First, that is a lie because nothing is ever actually "found." Second, perhaps if this is such a problem at NWA maybe they should set-up a department to deal with this. It's called Customer Service. Something NWA still knows nothing about. Anyone want my WorldPerks points? I am through with these clowns. I hope Chapter 11 treats them well. I wonder how they got there?
What is up with the weather here? 40, snow, April, my god am I getting a scary-ass late start on the season. Well, no excuses for 'cross then.

The Metal Militia. Nothing better than waking up for breakfast and coffee, and having Minor Threat playing on the cabin stereo system. Some moments don't ever materialize in one's life like that. Live it!

Yes, 4.75in is Illegal man! Give us a tape measure, a level, your illegal ass bike, and we will prove it. No UCI needed here. And everyone thought I sat foward. Crap, I still have 1 1/2 inches to spare. Anyway, fixed Lance's bike so that he can race without the scrutiny of some over-weight UCI official guessing the numbers.

Is that a burrito in your pocket or.....

.......a gigantic homemade Clif Bar? I want a bottle of Pilsner Urquell sublinated into my rear pocket. That is how I roll. When the going gets tough out there on the roads I reach for an ice-cold-one.......crap, it's part of my jersey.
Back to the trainer to watch "There will be Blood" again. Great flick. I may need some Brawyndo for this one. It's got electrolites and apparently I crave those. Ciao -Ian

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