Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ah, remember the days

(The Onion)
Well, the recent 20 cent rise in gas in the past 48 hours has caused me to remember "the good old days." Yep, gas was 80 cents a gallon. It was. I remember filling up my old 84' Honda Accord for $8.00. Damn, I blink now just once at the pump and I have over $8.00 in the tank, and nothing more than a splash. But, that is o.k. George W. Bush says, "we are not in a recession but more of an economic slowdown." Sounds good......and rehearsed. Well, I will trust what he says since he has never led us astray.
Good news. Big Tom "Thor" Zirbel does not, I repeat, does not have a broken collarbone. Bummer for him since he will now have to retain his Rookie status in that department all while racing on a pro cycling team. This guy could beat most people in a time trial using one leg against your two. But, he is still a rookie. Sorry Tom for taking the veteran collarbone breaker status from you. I started young. I broke my first at about age 10. Cruising home at night on a downhill on my Scrambler, trying to turn on my piece of crap light, and "Blammo." Right into the back of a parked black Ford Mustang. Broken wrist in two spots, concussion, and the broken collarbone. The second one came years later at the 24 Hours of Afton.....3 minutes in. Cool eh? The rest of the team got the surprise when I double-backed. More work for you guys. I was battling it out with the Swansons for the front, got sucked into quicksand, took the over-the-bar digger, got up, could not figure out what was up or going on, noticed no collarbone, tried to pull out a John Stamstad and ride the lap out, realized I am not John Stamstad or anyone near that, and rode back to base camp.
This weekend is the Synergy TT. We'll see how it goes. The right knee is still bummed out so I have no intention of pushing that too hard until it heals. Plus, I have no road bike because my rear der. tab is bent and getting one from Scott is like getting Bush to come clean about WMD's. It ain't happening. So, I am roadbikeless until Scott decides what to do. Unbelievable. I see why our local area rep. just jumped ship from Scott. Great bikes, no service. CyclingNews today even mentioned the lack of offsets in the seatmast head. Funny, I thought I was the only one who noticed. At least, that is the way Scott made me feel. No, seriously, this bike is a badass bike. It climbs like nobody's business. I love the bike! Just get me my damn clamp you told me about 6 weeks ago and a freak'in deraileur tab. Don't make them "replaceable" if you can't get one to replace it with. WTF?
Some good stuff about the Scott. Bad ass bottom bracket Shimano press-in cups. They creak a bit but they are stupid light. The fork, headtube, and front triangle of the bike create the most rigid front I have ever ridden. The bike climbs, sprints, becomes forgiving after a couple 100 miles, and is so, so light. Damn good bike.
Bummer not to be at Joe Martin right now. Work, broken bike, and bummer knee play hard into that fact right now. Gas prices......well, they may lead to the death of this sport on a national level.
What is Zirbel talking about when he says, "the good old days" in regards to the Gila? We drove down there in 04'ish when he was a cat. 3. Of course he killed the TT, the Mogollon, and nearly every other stage. But, on the Inner-loop stage he crashed on the chipseal after bumping wheels with another rider. Now, I am not talking about that Midwest chipseal. I am talking about Western razorblade-like chipseal. Tom got up and chased the group back down. He came across the line dazed, bloody, and in near shock. His leaders jersey was shredded, he was nearly faint, his bar tape was soaked through completely with blood, and he had to go to the Silver City Medical Center promply.
We got him back to the hotel, cleaned and fixed up his bike, and watched him bleed all night in bed. The next day he wasn't even in the GC because they thought he was done. Nope, he got back on minus any skin on his hands (wear gloves Tom) or back or face or arms or legs, and finished with the leaders jersey and the win. Thats that. I pretty much knew then that this dude was tough. Or maybe it was the fact that he ate a 4-person breakfast after the race and put on 20 lbs while winning the Tour of the Gila stage race. ? Anyway, that is when I mentioned him to Frank. The rest is....well, the rest is yet to come. Ciao -Ian

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