Saturday, May 24, 2008

Duluth so far

Well, no photos for you but I can say that I am in Duluth at the Duluth Classic Stage Race.
It is freak'in cold up here.
I won the time trial and took the leaders jersey right away.
It is freak'in cold up here.
Stage 2 was a 72 mile road race. We had to ways to play it and we played it wrong. Casper and I had to chase for 50 miles while putting everyone else in the gutter, and got Erik Thompson enlisted for a bit to help. In the end Timmer slipped away with Thompson and I was stuck with the inability to jump across because Hareland was glued to me. I had to pick the lesser of two evils. However, now those two evils are matched for tomorrow. We simply needed one more teammate here. Big climbs tomorrow so I have some options.
Freak'in cold out up here man.
Congrats to Dewey for winning not only the 30+ Snake Alley, but taking the Big win there as well in the Pro 1/2. Great job to Mean Dawg for overcoming mechanicals to pull a top 25.
It is so so cold up here. WTF?
Some may have heard that one of our teammates took a bad fall at Snake Alley. B.K is in the ICU with some broken ribs, messed up lung, and some colorful road rash. Thoughts and prayers are with you dude. Until then, enjoy the ice cream and the added sleep.
There have been a lot of bad falls nationwide this year. Duggan, Fausto, Noonan, B.K. Be safe out there. Ciao -Ian


Super Rookie said...

Sounds like a Synergy sandwhich and you are the filling!

Kyia said...

It's colder here up in Canada and it rained all week. Quit being a roadie! J/K :)