Monday, May 05, 2008

Get well soon man!

Get well Zirbel!
Tom had a hard crash on the Cliff Dwellings downhill at the Tour of the Gila. He walked away but will have some time to put his feet up through the healing process. Last report, broken collarbone (a must for any veteran cyclist), finger, and some ribs. It was a 20 rider crash and if you have ever come down that road you can only imagine. Some riders faired far worse than Tom. Tom, I think you have a thing for crashing in that pink jersey.
and yes,Zirbel was racing to these.....

Let me know if you are back in Iowa and I will throw a few hundred dollars in my tank and drive down. Ciao -Ian


StevenCX said...

Broken collarbones aren't all they're cracked up to be. (Haha! I kill myself!)

Thor said...

Thanks buddy,
I'm feeling a little better each day and will hopefully be back for NV. (fingers crossed)
Man, you don't know how many times I wanted to text or call about reminiscing our 2004 Gila experience! The boys were getting so sick of me talking about our Silver City adventures back in the day. :)

Thor said...

Oh man - I just noticed your new title pic. sadly, I know what that's from. I love that movie -it's hilarious!