Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"I knew a lady who came from Duluth..."

(Charlie = cold but dry) (Ian = cold and soaked to the bone freezing)
Well, The Duluth Classic Stage Race is over and so it all the cold weather that came with it. Day one was the TT which I was able to put in an o.k time. Despite riding with a loose rear hub it all held together. Hollywood was following me for the final few miles with video camera in hand. He confirmed my snot and drool fest. I want to see the pain. Day two was Casper and I defending the jersey. We played the wrong hand of two available, and had to chase for 50 miles. It turned out o.k in the end. We gave time up to Timmer instead of dragging Hareland, my shadow, up to the line. Day 3 was the big climb 7 times. In the end I was getting excited for the final climb up but Mother Nature set in with a bit more aggressive lighting then anyone would prefer. Guys were nervous and Matt finally called it. S.T. for all. Day 4 was the crit. 44 and rain was the name of the game. Synergy took advantage of all the matching going on and got the solo win. We kept the overall and a 5th.

Big thanks to my teammate, Dan Casper. While I felt really good this past weekend it was comforting to know that I had a key teammate in strength with me. He made some serious digs for me so the jersey is as much his as it is mine. Two guys and still a team win. Huge thanks to Tone and Crew for putting on a great race. Organization was superb and the courses were incredible. I have been to a lot of stage races over the years, big and small, and this was run as professionally as any of them. It is my hope that this race can grow into something even more. Bravo Tone!
Oh ya, and great USCF officiating. Bravo out to Matt Anderson and staff for putting on such a safe and organized race. Seriously, this is the best officiating I have ever seen.
Congrats to Charlie Jacobs on the 35+ GC win. Two GC jerseys in the Grandstay camp.
Thanks to all the competitors who braved the drive and the cold of Duluth. As always, Timmer and Hareland make me nervous. Too much power in each of them. Put them together and dangerous. Most Improved goes to the K.O.M in Adam. The one to watch out for, and I have said it in the past as well, is Eric Thompson. Great job man! Welcome to the road.

Holy crap! Don't ever get punched by Marcotte. Do you think he was once a body builder? Congrats to Eric Marcotte on the double at Quad Cities this past weekend.
(No Photo Available at press time)
Congrats to Dewey Dickey on the Win at the Snake! I heard this and was blown away. I knew he was riding strong but hey? The "W". So, for the rest of you I have this to say as far as this for the Quad Cities races....."Don't mess with the Minnesotans!"
B.K is still in the hospital bearing away with all that fun. Give him a ring at 319-768-2291 but don't make him laugh.
Also, time for the cycling community to step up and help a brother out. As some of you may have heard, there was a horrible crash on the Cliff Dwelling downhill at this year's Tour of the Gila. While many went down hard none got it as bad as Mexican National Champ and Tecnos/Trek rider Fausto Munoz Esperza. He was airlifted to a hospital, where he remains, in El Paso, TX. He is paralyzed from the waist down and the outlook for recovery from this is bleak. Think about that........imagine what he is going through. Kids, wife, his job, this brother of our's is in a difficult and life altering situation. So, how about instead of buying that new fancy helmet, Ti bolt kit, or those stupid ceramic bearings that you have been suckered into, send a few bucks to:
Wells Fargo Bank
1201 N. Pope St.
Silver City, NM 88061
c/o Fausto Munoz Esparza Donation Fund.
Seriously, get on it. Ciao -Ian


Tone Coughlin said...

It would have been cool to see who was left on the last climb at Lakewood. Thanks for coming up and I hope your teammates decide to come next year too.

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