Sunday, May 11, 2008

I like fast bikes

I never thought I would make that statement in regards to time trials. Well, I have in the past but never really talked about it. I guess it is my love of suffering that has taught me to like time trials instead of hating them as I have in the past.

This past week was the Synergy TT near Stillwater. Some fairly nice roads and a well run event. Once again, I suceeded in screwing up my time trial. No, I didn't miss the start but I did take a wrong turn (I haven't done that one yet). My own fault, hell I drove the course before the race, GoogleEarthed it, and had all the distances locked in my head. So, after taking off on the beginning stretch I came to the road where the lap comes out. A car was turning right in front of me and two guys were point to my right for him to turn. Instinct took control and I turned. As I turned I looked at my computer and realized the distance wasn't right plus I heard them yell, "youz gottza go straight." I waited for two oncoming riders to come by, took my turn, got back to the main road, and got going again. The key was to keep my cool and feel confident that I would recover that time. It is difficult in a TT in the Midwest to lose time like that to the likes of Casper and Timmer. That crap can cost you the race. But, the fit feels good and the Hed equipment is as good as ever.

The results. Of course, it is always a killer treat to have two of your teammates on the podium with you. That hasn't happened to me in years. Congrats on Casper and BK for coming up on the steps with me. Danno put in an under-the-hour TT and his position is looking stealthy good. I think he is where I once was, beginning to enjoy the 40k's. Charlie Jacobs took 8th, and 3rd in his age class. The 8th overall is the key. Sweet result. Hareland is becoming quite the TT man too. So, with Blackdog TT, Opus, Buck MTB, and Synergy, Grandstay Cycling had a pretty good week. Many more of those yet to come for us.
Speaking of TT's. How about Slipstream/Chipotle's Team Time Trial at the Giro. F#%K ya! They ripped that sucker. And our Midwest man, Christian Vandevelde took the Maglia Rosa. Now, I am not sure if Zabriskie has got some special Champagne bottle technique that he is not sharing with anyone else (look at how far he is firing that sucker) but.....

......I hope it didn't lead to this. Big bummer for Dave and the Team. Captain America is on the way home.

Well, no dropouts from Scott so no road bike yet. I haven't ridden the road bike since Marty. WTF? However, I got the Paragon out today. I definitely have to re-learn a few lost mountain bike riding techniques. The 29'ers roll very nice and the rigid White Bros. fork is actually pretty forgiving with the 29'er wheel combination. Sure, some rocky areas can get a bit rough but the bike is fast. A few kinks to work out but it is the new-bike-break-in. Off to Madison this next weekend if I have a dropout.
Congrats to Dewey on the killer 1/2 GC finish at Joe Martin. Ciao -Ian


timmer said...

good ride Ian.. funny that we jointly share the course record..

Ian Stanford said...

Thanks. What? Hmmmmm, wait. This race was put on by your team and it was two of your course marshalls pointing down that, how did you guys get that down to the second? Amazing. Ha ha, I will gladly share it with you.