Thursday, May 22, 2008

A quickie

This is a quick report. I am tired and need a nap before work.
1. Went to Madison with Danno and the Dawg. We did the Denzer RR. The hill hurt. I was 7th, Dawg = 11th, Danno =18th. We were tired, ate burgers, drank beer, stayed at the pimp Grandstay.
2. Wheels on Willy. Apparently people in the 1/2's forgot how to ride. Sit ups, diving turns, braking corners, amateur hour. Saw the winning move go, was trapped, got stuck in the pack. Fast race at 28mph. Congrats to Frankie and Bennett for getting in the break. Dawg crashed into a brick wall, Micah crashed in the forbidden "no free laps" period. Danno and I held hands across the line. It was cool. We felt cool.
3. Blackdog NVGP qualifer TT. Doug went super fast, and went pretty fast, and the rest of the team went damn fast. End result? 1st and 2nd, and 7 in the top 15. Looks good for points for the NVGP. This qualifer thing is stupid though.
4. I left Winona yesterday at $3.65 and came back to $3.89. It is going to cost me $100,000,000,000,000,000.oo to drive to Duluth. That is just the one way price.
This guy just died. He made good wine. He created the U.S. wine industry. Interestingly, he was raised in Virginia, Minnesota. Whoop Whoop. V-town in the house. Fix your roads. Robert Mondavi. Good wine and good human.

Ciao -Ian


timmer said...

stupid? got you out to the Dog didn't it? the idea was to enhance local racing by creating an incentive.. and it obviously is working. letting unexperienced amatuers into an NRC stage race is stupid. this process will thin the heard and provide competitive racing that we need around here.

Ian Stanford said...

O.k, I am not saying stupid in the sense that it doesn't make sense. I guess I am a little biased because I have to drive 5 hours round trip for a 7 mile race. Don't get me wrong, I love getting to race at the Blackdog course. It is a distance I know I suck at. Timmer, I also agree with you as far as the type of riders coming into the NRC's. Let last year be the example. I just think that if this continues to be the way we get local racers into the NVGP we need to come together as a local racing community and see if we can try to hash out a better format for this. So, "stupid" was from my sense of having to drive so damn long for so short of a race. Christ, have you seen gas prices? See you in Duluth! -Ian

Tone Coughlin said...

Stupid gas...