Sunday, May 04, 2008

Windy racing

I am not sure what to make of all the wind lately. I think a few days of straight "raw" wind is fine, but when it is still throwing down 3 weeks later, well come on. It gets frustrating, old, and makes one go "mad." I have had three people tell me that they are "mad" about it. Funny, me too.
Marty went good and bad for the team. Such is racing. I honestly think it went good because we learned a lot about ourselves. You can't fix mistakes until you expose them. Now that we know we can work on making sure they don't continue. We put 4 guys into the top 10, and 8 in the top 25.
After the race I was sitting on my top tube with my bike acting as a bench. Of course, I fell, landed on the non-driveside rear wheel, and bent my deraileur tab. "Come on Audry, this is bush league." No Joe Martin for me due to some issues at work that will require my presence. Bummer. I love northwest Arkansas and have been doing this race for quite a few years. Oh well. Work pays the bills. Ciao -Ian

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