Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 2. No rain!

Cannon Falls was today. It was fast but with a lot of herky jerky riding. In the end I destroyed a rear wheel in a middle-of-the-road pothole that was so deep it could have been a tourist attraction. Thanks course manager.
Besides dumb riding and broken carbon I came into the circuits with the lead group. All was well until a lap or so to go. That was when two Successful Living guys decided to sit-up in front of us and let a gap open. The Rock Racing rider with me gave them an explicit in-their-face remark then reached back to me and slung me hard. Still, I couldn't get back on but I was not too far back. 10 seconds? Everyone else on Grandstay rode well and stayed up.
I am tired, I am doing Laundry, and I getting ready for the TT tomorrow. Still doing the personal debate on what rear wheel to use. Thanks Cannon Falls for the great race once again. Ciao -Ian

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Frye said...

Awesome job Ian!